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Johnny Gonzales 

Discoverer of the Book of the Wars of The Lord

Hello my name is Johnny Gonzales and I am a Christian Author and Wedding Guitarist that is the discoverer that the War Scroll and War of the Messiah Scroll are in fact Numbers 21: 14, 15 the Book of the Wars of The Lord.


An avid reader of Bible prophecy it was only natural for me to see the special correlation with the discovery that the Book of The Wars of The Lord has with the Dead Sea Scrolls War Scroll and the War of the Messiah Scroll and its significant cross-temporal dispensations relative to the the Old Testament and the New Testament, these last hours of the Age of Grace and the ever encroaching future.


But the prominent reason whjy I was able to see this landmark discovery is that I believe in the Bible. This love has revealed this discovery as The Old Testament Book of Revelation.


I know it is true. I certainly have tried and will continue to strive towards applying its eternal sustenances in my own daily givings and misgivings. Does this matter? For myself, it greatly matters. You can have a dictionary or encyclopedia and certainly see it and read it everyday but if you really don't believe it; If its applicable on one level of your life then that is where it will always remian. I certainly apply this to my beliief in the bible and anything related that is God inspired and that can be fact checked as being authentic.


Yes, perhaps I am explaining it obscurely but I do believe in the Bible and therefore attempt to read it everyday because I promise you there has been many revelations that has occurred that today I am completely dashed; completely shocked; completely torn asunder. Mainly in which how Abba Father not only reveals it but applies it. Its just simply perfect. I love Master, The Lamb of God our Messiah. There is a great affinity I have to its applicability in the past, present and the future. the Sword of The Spirit, which is Your Word, Jesus, Master how I am crushed with Your Love for me and restored by Your Love. Clarity begins, confidence seals me in my faith In jesus Christ Loving Atoning Sacrifice on the Cross of Gologotha. This is who I am:) You gotta believe Jesus...The Word...The Lamb...The Alpha...the Omega...The Resureccted From The Dead. Pray for me, please.

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