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BOOK OF THE WARS OF THE LORD IS FOUND! it is the war scroll and war of the messiah scroll from the dead sea scrolls: the old testament book of revelation





NUMBERS 21: 14, 15

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Springs of life in the desert.

Reserve of Heaven prays

The lost is restored unto eternal life, Christ Crucified.

Restoration...When Promises Become True

Restoration unto Jesus Christ Crucified has begun worldwide beginning with the formerly lost book of antiquity in Numbers 21:14, 15 the Book of the Wars of The Lord.


At this perilous and maddening time it is only natural for the world to attempt to steal, kill and destroy the children of God, those who have repented of their sins and have fully placed their faith in Jesus Christ and his loving atoning and finished work on the Cross of Golgotha.


It is only fitting that Abba Father has restored the Book of the Wars of the Lord unto a world wrought of lost faith and misdirection.The harvest of lost souls has begun with miraculous healing and salvation. Now that the lost Book of the Wars of the Lord is in fact the War Scroll and War of the Messiah Scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls it is only fitting that its prophecy significance be explored further. After all as many people have believed the War Scroll and War of the Messiah Scroll holds a great importance to todays post modern church of hyper grace, emergent church, the prosperity gospel, the purpose driven life,  your best life today and the religious legalistic church. Only those who confidently places their faith in the Finished Atoning Loving Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary can live for God on a daily basis. It also encompasses a great deal of prayer. This is how it all begins; looking back at what all of us overlooked, (myself, very included). You may be rightfully so asking who am I that is saying all of these things?

About us

Greetings beloved. My name is Johnny Gonzales, Christian Author and wedding guitarist for The Lost of Antiquity...The Book of the Wars of the Lord...Is Found. I will interject some special perspectives into my new revised Kindle ebook which can be found here . As Pastor Chuck so eloquently voices, we must resist the complacency in the church and diligently seek the liberty of Jesus Christ Crucified only. We certainly agree The Word of God is true and that the Fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. In the days of yore even the blatant unholy knew the extreme Holiness of Jesus Christ crucified through the Power of the Cross The Lamb of God, Jesus, who is more popular than the Beatles by the way. Jesus Christ Crucified is more popular than Donald Trump, Saudi oil or Judaism. Only the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ can strengthen us and allow us to see these Age of Grace times through prayer and repentence. Yes, prayer. These candid moments liberty still allows us to have here in America.

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